Stewart’s of Dundee

For as long as I can remember, this tray has been in my family although I have no idea why since there is no connection to my ancestry at all, on either bloodline. My best guess is my father’s love of all things Scottish. To this day, I still have very fond memories of outings to Mitchell Park when the clans would gather for a day of pipes and drums; dad’s best friend being a pipe-major. In any event, ’tis time to preserve it for posterity.

Dundee tray front

Written on the back of the tray:


THE EVENT portrayed on this tray by an eminent Scottish Artist is the “Raising of the Standard” by Bonnie Prince Charlie – The Young Pretender – at Glenfinnan (Scotland) on 19th August in the year 1745.

THIS ACT of dedication preceded the gathering of the Clans for the 1745 Rebellion which was intended to restore Prince Charles Edward Stewart to the throne of his ancestors. The rising was unsuccessful, and the hopes of the young Prince and of his followers were destined to perish on the bloody battle-field of Culloden just a year later. The escape to France of Bonnie Prince Charlie was due largely to the loyalty and devotion of Flora Macdonald who risked life, honour and liberty for the sake of her beloved Prince.

BUT the Royal name of “Stewart” does not die. Tradition lives on; and 215 years later “STEWART’S DUNDEE SCOTCH” is still “Raising the Standard” leading the way with the mildest, smoothest, most palatable blend of lovely Old Scotch Whiskies that generations of experience and tradition can produce.

The rallying flag of Charles Edward Stewart, known as “The Glenfinnan Standard” was made in France and presented to the young prince by John William O’Sullivan, one of the “Seven Men of Moidart”.

The clans represented on the tray front:

1 Maclaine of Lochbuie

2 Macdonald of Ardnamurchan

3 Macdonnel of Keppoch

4 Macdonnel of Glengarry

5 Ogilvie of Airlie

6 Innes of Drumgask

7 Marquis of Tullibardine

8 Biship Macdonald

9 Charles Edward Stewart *

10 Macdonald of Clanranald

11 Grant of Glenmoriston

12 Stewart of Appin

13 Maclachlan of Morven

14 Maclean of Duart

15 Macdonald of Sleat

16 Cameron of Locheil

17 Macnab

18 Mackinnon of Strathaird

Dundee tray back

Posted: 14 Mar 2106


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