Welcome to Curiosities, my little corner of the net.

I’m rather a curious individual (yes, in both senses of the term) and find myself chasing random unknown curioisities – oh the joys of the hunt! Most of my focus is on history which is somewhat ironic as I hated the subject in school. It isn’t always easy finding information these days, often becoming quite a run-around right before running into a brick wall, so I don’t post frequently. The kids accompany me on my adventures on occasion, but their needs and my other commitments trump my quest so moments to research and write fall into the category of an hour stolen here and there, usually accompanied by much yawning.

I’m not the greatest photographer, but I’m sure you’ll get the picture well enough (see? I made a funny). I am very new to WordPress though do have a very patient and experienced friend at hand so if you have the time, pop over to allatsea.co.za and take a gander of all his musings, but make a cuppa first – you’ll be there a while.

I have left the comments open, but rest assured, if nasty trolls come a’knockin’, I will shut that feature down in a New York minute (if I can ever find it again). This is my happy place, so please be nice. No seriously, this world needs more nice folk  😉